Lost Creek State Park

I’ve been visiting Lost Creek Reservoir for years but it’s blue-green waters has recently received an upgrade in status to a state park! Currently, Lost Creek boasts a tranquil place to enjoy the water and as it is still a hidden gem and there are still no costs to use it or its facilities. When you visit you will find a boat ramp for easy portage and several vault toilets. This reservoir remains a great place to come and paddle, enjoy fishing, swimming, or playing in the water with any wakeless watercraft. Lost Creek has two fingers with an island, peninsula, coves, and inlets to explore as you enjoy the tan and red rocks, deer, birds of prey, and waterfowl that call this area home.

Lost Creek State Park
View of Lost Creek Reservoir from the Dam

There are plans for many excellent upgrades in the next year or two including a campground and other facilities similar to other state parks like East Canyon and Rockport.

View of shoreline and boat ramp

Directions: To get there just take I-84 to the Croyden Exit (Don’t forget to pull out for the scenic view of Devil’s Slide!) and then follow Lost Creek Road for 10 miles past the farmlands and creek. This is a pretty drive. It may seem like you are not getting anywhere as you won’t see the reservoir until you crest the Dam. After you cross the Dam, follow the gravel road around to the ramp for the best access the water. You will find many great places along the shore the set up your chairs and gear for a day of peaceful paddling.